Investment Schedule

The Investment Schedule is established and approved by the Board of Directors as a guide to determine a member's equitable investment based on willingness to invest in the business future of the greater Shawnee area. Investments are re-evaluated annually.

Membership Type




1 - 10 Employees $300
11 - 25 Employees $350
26 - 50 Employees $450
51 - 75 Employees $550
76 - 100 Employees $650
Each additional employee over 100




Retired, employees of nonprofit organizations, and individuals not actively involved in a business operation.




Service Organizations Churches, Civic Clubs, Non-profit organizations.


Financial Institutions

$20 for each million in local deposits



Attorneys, Accountants, Physicians, Insurance Agent, Realtors, Financial Planners

$300 + $125 for each additional rep



Members can pay quarterly, semi-annually, annually or by monthly draft. The monthly draft for a $300.00 member is $25.00; quarterly investment is $75.00. New memberships require a minimum of one-half of total annual investment plus a $25 application fee.