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Take Full Advantage of Your Chamber Membership

To make the most of your Chamber membership, take a moment to be sure you are taking advantage of the following opportunities.

Membership Resources

Submit a Calendar Event

Calendar Postings

Is your company or organization planning a program or an event and you don’t have the resources to provide marketing? The Chamber has opened up the popular Chamber Events Calendar for public event and sales posting. Your events will enjoy great visibility and credibility by being posted on the Chamber's website calendar. 

How much does event posting cost?
There is no charge for posting your event.

How do I post an event?
Event posting is self-service.

  1. Click "Submit your Event." Enter your event details in the fields provided.
  2. Your event will be sent to a staff member for acceptance and will appear on the Calendar as soon as it is verified.
Add a Flyer to the Member Billboard

As a member of the Chamber, you can add a flyer to the Member Billboard each year.

Your flyer can tell your story, market a special event or offer a special discount to your fellow members. You decide. In addition, your flyer is posted on the Chamber's E-Newsletter reaching over 700 businessmen and women.

How much does it cost to post a flyer?
There is no charge. This service is free to our members.

How do I participate?
Just email your flyer to [email protected].

What is the Member Billboard?
Follow this link to see Member's flyers on the Member Billboard.

Member-to-Member Discount Program

Participate in the Member-to-Member Discount Program

The Member-to-Member Discount Program is a great marketing program only available to our members. Showcase your products and skills to over 700 businessmen and women. Your business is named as a participating member on our annual Membership Card and on the Chamber website.

What does it cost?
There is no cost to our members other than the discount offered to other members.

What are the guidelines?

  • The discount must be at least 10% of the total sales price.
  • The offer must be exclusive to members of the Greater Shawnee Chamber of Commerce and not available to the general public.
  • The discount should be over and above the price offered to the public.
  • A Chamber membership card must be presented prior to the transaction.
  • You agree to display a M2M cling-on sticker in a prominent place at your business.

View a list of current participating members and their discounts

Request the Proud Chamber Member Logo

Promote Your Membership.

Use the "Proud Chamber Member" logo on all your advertising materials. It's a great marketing tool! Consumers are more confident in the products and services offered by those who belong to a Chamber. 

What does it cost?
There is no cost to current Chamber members.

How do I obtain the logo?
Send you request to Logo Request and the logo will be sent to your email address.

Request the Chamber Membership List

Here's a great tool for your marketing efforts!

Ask for the Chamber membership list in Excel to be emailed to you. 

How much does it cost to receive the membership list? 
There is no charge to our members.  

How do I obtain the Chamber membership list? 
Contact Kaylee Wilburn for the Excel list.


Request Mailing Labels with the Chamber Membership List

Marketing just got easier!

Ask for the Chamber membership list on mailing labels! 

How much does it cost to receive the membership list? 
The cost is $25 which pays for the actual labels, not the service.

How do I obtain the Chamber membership mailing labels? 
Contact Kaylee Wilburn with your request.

Participate in Artbucks

About the Artbucks Program.

Each month the Chamber awards three art students from one of the Shawnee Public Schools with Artbucks. As a participating member, you are able to market your place of business to these students and their parents. Artbucks are only redeemable at any participating Chamber member's place of business.

What does it cost to participate?
There is no cost to Chamber members.

How do I become a participating member? 
It's easy and its FREE. Simply contact Kaylee Wilburn, for a registration form or for additional information.

What do I need to do when given an Artbuck? 
The art student signs the back of each Artbuck and gives them to you in exchange for merchandise or service. You bring them to the Chamber for reimbursement. Artbucks are redeemable for their full face value.

How do I know the  Artbuck is genuine? 
The "buck" will be embossed with the Chamber seal.

How are the "BucksFinanced? 
Artbucks are sponsored by RBC Agency, Will Rosebure.

Where can I shop and use my "Bucks"? 
Enjoy shopping in the greater Shawnee area and spend your  Artbucks at any of the participating businesses listed below:

  • Domino's Pizza (Shawnee)
  • Dr. Kirk F. Hoster, O.D. & Dr. Jordan Ewert, O.D. 
  • Ell's Jewelry
  • FireLake Bowling Center
  • Golden Corral (Shawnee)
  • Green's Boat Shop
  • House of Flower, Inc.
  • House of Health
  • Mayme's Miss & Mrs.
  • N$tockNow
  • Paul's Place Steakhouse
  • Robinson Eye Institute/Optical Galleria
  • Shawnee Office Systems
  • Tack Designs
  • Van's Pig Stand (Shawnee Locations Only)
  • White's ACE Building Center (Shawnee)
  • Wystle
Advertise in the Chamber's Publications

Greater Shawnee Lifestyle Guide.

A copy of the Lifestyle Guide is mailed to every member, included in relocation packets, displayed in the Chamber lobby for visitors, utilized by our member Realtors and available to any member in quantity for customers convenience.

Contact the Chamber, 273-6092 or [email protected] for more information on advertising in this quality publication.

Shawnee City Map.

This is the only map the Chamber will distribute to visitors and obviously the most requested piece of literature. It is included in all relocation packets, visitor packets, at City Hall and available to any member in quantity for customer convenience. 

Contact the Chamber, 273-6092 or [email protected] for more information on advertising in this publication.

Add your brochure or business card in the Chamber lobby

Chamber Lobby

Bring by your company brochure or business card for addition to the Chamber lobby display cases.

Keep your listing in the website Business Directory updated

Online Business Directory

Visitors to our website can find your business or you by using the business directory search engine. Your listing contains your business physical address, phone number and a free link to your business website. (We do not list fax numbers or email addresses.)

Keep your information current for proper referrals.


The Chamber receives hundreds of calls each month from consumers seeking reputable businesses. We refer only Chamber member unless there is not a member providing the product or service requested.

Let us know all the categories your business may fall under so we will be sure to refer properly.

Host a Ribbon Cutting, Open House, or Grand Re-Opening

Chamber Ribbon Cuttings

New members of the Chamber have the option of opening their doors with a ribbon cutting hosted by the Chamber's Ambassador Club.

How do I arrange my ribbon cutting? 
Call the Chamber office, 273-6092, or email Kaylee Wilburn. Most are scheduled the morning of the first Wednesday of each month, immediately following the Ambassador Club meeting.

What can I expect the day of my ribbon cutting? 
Ambassadors will bring the Chamber scissors, celebration ribbon and a photographer. A picture of the ribbon cutting is

  • submitted to area newspapers for publication
  • added to the Chamber website 
  • added to the Chamber's Facebook page, and 
  • add to Chamber E-newsletter 

View Recent Ribbon Cuttings

Obtain a Certificate of Origin for Export Help

Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin (CO) is an important international trade document attesting that goods in a particular export shipment have been wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. It is also a declaration by the exporter. Virtually every country in the world considers the origin of imported goods when determining what duty will be assessed on the goods or, in some cases, whether the goods may be legally imported at all. The 1923 Geneva Convention named Chambers of Commerce the official body to issue, sign and stamp Certificates of Origin worldwide.

The Chamber can provide certificate of origin service. Call the Chamber office to make an appointment. Bring your notarized certificate of origin. A member of our staff will sign and stamp your certificate. There is no cost for Chamber members. Non-Chamber members cost is $25 per certificate.

Download the Small Business Disaster Preparedness Guide

Provided by the US Chamber

The U. S. Chamber has prepared a Small Business Disaster Preparedness Guide to help you minimize the impact of disasters on employees, property and operations.

Download and Read the Guide (pdf) | Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Free Online Training Courses

Self-Paced & On-Demand.

Find and purchase online training courses for your employees on an assortment of topics. Courses are self-paced, on demand, many with certificates, and are distributed online to each employees′ computer via a free Learning Management System where you can track and view reporting. 

View All Online Training Courses

Find IRS Business Resources and Tax Information

IRS Tax Center and Business Resources.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, or an established business owner, you will find everything you need to start and manage your business venture through the IRS, including: a business overview, getting started paperwork, IRS forms and publications, details about electronic filing, managing employees, talking with the IRS, workshops through their learning center, and additional business resources.

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