Leadership Shawnee Alumni

Attention Leadership Shawnee Alumni
Please make nomination for the Pierre F. Taron Jr. Leadership Award

If you are a Leadership Shawnee Alumni, please nominate someone you think is deserving of the Pierre F. Taron, Jr. Leadership Award.  Mayor Pierre F. Taron invested his life in the betterment of Shawnee, through involvement at the local, state, national and international level.  His selfless leadership left a lasting mark on Shawnee and the alumni of Leadership Shawnee carry on this legacy through the Pierre F. Taron Leadership Award.   

The criteria for this award is for someone who has been exceptionally active in the greater Shawnee area during 2017.  Please look over the attached Leadership Shawnee database and nominate someone that you know has been active and giving back to Shawnee in 2017.  These are some of the areas they are graded on: Contribution to community youth, political participation, provides valuable service to business or profession, civic club(s), church, Chamber, charitable organizations, local school, cultural activities. 

Please vote for your nominee by using this link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FV8TX8Q by February 21, 2018.